A birth certificate is an official document that contains authentic information about a person’s name, place of birth, gender, and parents’ name. 

Birth certificate attestation is mandatory for applying for a family visa for children in Qatar, for admission to schools, for further studies, for migration requirements, and for work-related matters.Hence, the Birth Certificate must be attested by an authority to prove its genuineness.  

EDUZONE  is an approved agency administering all services related to Birth Certificate attestation in Qatar.

Procedures for Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar

  • Attestation of Notary Public from the home country
  • Foreign Affairs attestation from the Home Country
  • Embassy Attestation
  • Ministry Of Foreign affairs (MOFA)  Qatar

Required Documents for Attestation :

  1. Original Birth Certificate or Online Issued Birth Certificate
  2. Passport Copy of the Certificate holder.

Processing Time: 3 week