A death certificate is an official certificate signed by a medical practitioner or government civil registration office which states the cause of a person’s death. Death certificate attestation in Qatar is required at numerous offices in order to ensure the credibility of the certificate. Eduzone is an approved agency offering all kinds of assistance in the attestation of death certificates in Qatar. 

Required Documents for Attestation :

  1. Original death certificate
  2. Passport copy of the certificate holder

Processing Time: 12-13 working Time

UK Marriage Certificate Attestation for Qatar / UK Birth Certificate Attestation for Qatar

Note: Only original certificates (birth and marriage) can be attested/legalized in Qatar. Copies of the documents cannot be attested.

Procedure for Attestation process :

  • UK Apostille
  • Qatar Embassy in UK
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar

Required Documents for Attestation :

  1. Original Certificate
  2. Passport Copy