A marriage certificate is a legal confirmation that two people are tying up knots with each other. A valid marriage certificate is recorded and issued by a government or public department or either by the church, mosque or temple, or other religious center and it has mentioned the marriage date, person’s name and place of issue, etc..,

If a married individual travels to a foreign country, an attested Marriage certificate may be required for:

  • Family Visa
  • Permanent Migration
  • Dependent Visa
  • Addition of Spouse name on Passport

Procedure to Get Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • Notary attestation from New Delhi, India
  •  Foreign Affairs attestation from Home Country
  •  Qatar Embassy from Home Country
  •  Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Qatar

Required Documents for Attestation :

  1. Original marriage Certificate (depends upon the issuing country)
  2. Passport Copy of both Husband and Wife 

Processing Time: 3 week